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Natural Pigment

NutriHerb has been devoted to natural colors for several years, and we have set up a strict quality control system starting from raw material selection to finished product storage.We are specialized in producing and exporting the natural colorant which widely used in food additive and beverage.Based on superior quality ,competitive price and excellent sales service.


NoProduct NameSpecification Details
1Alkannin98% HPLCMore
2Beta-Carotene1%-98% HPLCMore
3Black carrot pigmentEV60More
4Blueberry pigmentEV30,60More
5Capsicum oleoresin1%.2%,3%,10%,20, 40%More
7ChlorophyllChorophyll liquid 10% 14% HPLC, Sodium copper chlorophyllin 10~99% HPLCMore
8Gardenia blueEV10-150More
9Gardenia greenEV40-150More
10Gardenia yellowEV 10-550More
11Grape Skin PigmentEV20,40,60More
12Lac Dye RedPowder:E130-160 Water soluble:E70-160More
13Lutein5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 98% HPLC/ UVMore
14Monascus redEV80-150More
15Monascus Yellow EV10-30More
16Morin98% UVMore
17Paprika redEV100~250More
18Perilla Red ColourE10More
19Purple Corn ColorE10More
20Purple Sweet Potato Red ColorEV30-80More
21Radish red PigmentE10-90More
22Red Cabbage ColorEV20,40,60More
23Spirulina blue99%More
24Strawberry red pigmentE20More

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