Our WareHouse


Our WareHouse

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Our warehousing team supports and achieves a practical and safe delivery of goods. We focus on every details of warehousing logistics, committed to satisfy every demand of customers.

• Full three-dimensional shelves, strictly controlled warehouse environment.
• Efficient EDC warehouse, achieving fast delivery.
• 3000㎡ EDC warehouse, maintain inventory to avoid the inconvenience of a long period production cycle, continue to provide customers with high quality and competitive price products.

• High quality Warehouse team management ensures exact site management.
• Scientific warehouse management information system achieves warehouse informalization management.
• A full range of video surveillance system, which achieved visualized management from inbound to outbound.
• The professional team of supervision of loading stationed at China’s various shipment ports to verify that all the goods are properly packed and in good condition according to customers’ requirements.
• Careful tracking of shipments to keep consignees updated on any changes of ETD and ETA dates.

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