NutriHerb selects raw materials from superior quality producing areas around the world so as to guarantee these sources are efficiency and safety.

Professional in supplying plant extract of good quality, NutriHerb is a well-known China plant extract manufacturer and supplier. Please feel free to make contact with our factory.

NoProduct NameSpecificationDetails
1Acacia bark extract10% or Extract RatioMore
2Acai Berry ExtractRatio Extract 5:1, 10:1 More
3Acerola cherry ExtractVitamin C 17%, 25%More
4Aescin98% HPLCMore
5Allicin1-98% HPLCMore
6Aloe Vera Extract Aloin 20%-98%More
7Alpha Lipoic acid99% HPLCMore
8American Ginseng ExtractTotal saponins 10%-98% More
9Aescin98% HPLCMore
10Andrographolide98% HPLCMore
11Angelica sinensis extract Ligustilides 1%-5% More
12Apigenin1.2%, 3%, 90%, 98% HPLCMore
13Apple extractPhloridzin 10%~98%,Phloretin 10%~98% More
14Arbutin99% HPLCMore
15Artemether99% HPLCMore
16Artemisinin99% HPLCMore
17Aescin20%-98% HPLCMore
18Artichoke Extract2.5%, 5% cynarinMore
19Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides 1.5% 2.5% 3% 5%More
20Astaxanthin1-98% HPLCMore
21ASU,Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables35%,50%,60%More
23Berberine HCL97%-99%More
24Bergenin98% 99% HPLCMore
25Bilberry Extract25% AnthocyanidinsMore
26Bitter Melon Extractsaponins 5% -20%More
27Black Cohosh ExtractTriterpene Glycosides 2.5%, 5.0% 8.0%More
28Black currant extract25% 30%AnthocyanidinsMore
29Black rice extractUV 5-25% (Anthocyanidins), 98% (Anthocyanin)More
30Black Tea extract10-40% Theaflavin, Polyphenols 10-95%More
31Blueberry ExtractAnthocyanidin5%-25%More
32Boswelia Serrata Extract40%-90% Boswellic AcidMore
33Cactus Extract10:1,20:1 and etc.More
34Caffeic acid98% HPLCMore
38Carnosic acid5%--50% HPLCMore
39Cat's Claw Extract3-5% Alkaloids HPLCMore
40Chamomile ExtractApigenin 1-98%HPLCMore
41Chondroitin sulfateCPC≥85%, 90%, 95%; HPLC≥85%, 90%, 95%More
42Cinnamon Bark Extract5%--15%Cinnamic acid,5%--10%polyphenolMore
43Cistanche tubulosa Extract10:1,20:1 and moreMore
44Citrus Aurantium Extract 6%-95%Synephrine,30%-90%PMFsMore
45Citrus Bioflavonoidbioflavonoids 30%-90%More
46Coenzyme Q1098% HPLCMore
47Cordyceps Sinensis Extract20% ~ 50% PolysacchridesMore
48Cranberry Extract10%-70% OPCMore
49Curcumin10% 20% 95% 98% HPLCMore
50Cycloastragenol 98% HPLCMore
51Cytisine98% HPLCMore
52Dandelion Extract5%-30% FlavonesMore
53Dihydromyricetin98% HPLCMore
54Diosgenin98% HPLCMore
55Diosmin90% HPLC,EP &BPMore
56Ecdysone85%, 90%, 95%More
57Echinacea purpurea extract4%-7% Polyphenols(UV)More
58Elderberry extract1-25% AnthocyanidinsMore
59Ellagic acid40%, 50% 90%,95%HPLCMore
60Emodin50%~98% HPLCMore
61Esculin hydrate98% HPLCMore
62Eucommia Leaf ExtractChlorogenic acid 5-99%More
63Evening Primrose OilGLA 9% 12%More
64Fennel ExtractShikimic Acid 98%More
65Ferulic acid99% HPLCMore
66Feverfew ExtractParthenolide 0.5% ;0.8%More
67Fisetin98% HPLCMore
68Flax lignans20% 40% HPLCMore
69Flax Seed Extract20%-60% LignansMore
70Galantamine hydrobromide98% HPLCMore
71Garcinia Cambogia ExtractHydroxycitric Acid (HCA) 50%.60%More
72Genistein98% HPLCMore
73Gentiopicrin98% HPLCMore
74Gingerol 3% 5% HPLCMore
75Ginkgo biloba extractGinkgo flavone Glycosides 24% / Terpene Lactones 6%More
76Glabridin 40%,90% 98% HPLCMore
77Goji Berry ExtractPolysaccharides 50%More
78Gotu Kola ExtractAsiaticoside: 10%, 30%, 40%, 50%More
79Grape Seed ExtractProanthocyanidins 95%, 99% UVMore
80Grapefruit Seed ExtractNaringin 98% .4:1,10:1 and moreMore
81Graviola extract10:1,20:1, 4%-40% Flavones(UV)More
82Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic acid 50%,60%More
83Green Tea Extract Total Polyphenols 50% ~ 98%More
84Gynostemma ExtractGypenosides 20%-80%, 95%, 98% UVMore
85Hawthorn Leaf ExtractVitexin 2%(HPLC),Vitexin-2-rhamnoside
Flavones 5%-30%(UV)
86Hemp seed extract10:1 20:1TLCMore
87Herba Houttuyniae ExtractRatio Extract 10:1,20:1 and etc.More
88Hesperetin98% HPLCMore
89Hiliedum98% HPLCMore
90Ho Shou Wu extract10:1, 20:1More
91Honeysuckle Extract10%-98% Chlorogenic AcidMore
92Hops Extract5%-20% Flavones, 5%, 10% 90% 98% XanthohumolMore
93Horsetail Extractsilicate ≥7%,Ratio Extract : 5:1, 10:1,20:1,More
94Huperzine A1% 5% 98% HPLCMore
95Hydroxycinnamic acid98% HPLCMore
96Icariin1-98% HPLCMore
97Ivy leaf extract5% ~ 40% Hederacoside CMore
98kaempferol98% HPLCMore
99Kava Extract30%, 40%, 70%, 80%More
100Kelp ExtractFucoxanthin 10%-80%MOre


NutriHerb supplies a comprehensive range of functional ingredients to meet varying needs for Nutraceutical,Food&Beverage,Formulators and Beauty Care etc.

NoProduct Name SpecificationDetails
1Adenosine Triphosphate98% HPLCMore
2Argireline99% HPLCMore
3Chitosan85% 90% 95%More
4Dexpanthenol99% HPLCMore
5DL-Malic acid99% HPLCMore
8D-Pinitol95% HPLCMore
10Glucosamine Hydrochloride99% HPLCMore
11Glucosamine Sulfate90%,95% HPLCMore
12Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCL99% HPLCMore
13Glutathione99% HPLCMore
14Hyaluronic Acid10kDa∼1,000kDa

15Idebenone99% HPLCMore
16Indole-3-carbinol99% HPLCMore
18L-Carnitine99% HPLCMore
19L-Carnosine99% HPLCMore
20N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine99% HPLCMore
21N-acetylneuraminic acid99% HPLCMore
223,3'-Diindolylmethane99% HPLCMore


NutriHerb has been devoted to natural colors for several years, and we have set up a strict quality control system starting from raw material selection to finished product storage.We are specialized in producing and exporting the natural colorant which widely used in food additive and beverage.Based on superior quality ,competitive price and excellent sales service.

NoProduct NameSpecification Details
1Alkannin98% HPLCMore
2Beta-Carotene1%-98% HPLCMore
3Black carrot pigmentEV60More
4Blueberry pigmentEV30,60More
5Capsicum oleoresin1%.2%,3%,10%,20, 40%More
7ChlorophyllChorophyll liquid 10% 14% HPLC, Sodium copper chlorophyllin 10~99% HPLCMore
8Gardenia blueEV10-150More
9Gardenia greenEV40-150More
10Gardenia yellowEV 10-550More
11Grape Skin PigmentEV20,40,60More
12Lac Dye RedPowder:E130-160 Water soluble:E70-160More
13Lutein5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 98% HPLC/ UVMore
14Monascus redEV80-150More
15Monascus Yellow EV10-30More
16Morin98% UVMore
17Paprika redEV100~250More
18Perilla Red ColourE10More
19Purple Corn ColorE10More
20Purple Sweet Potato Red ColorEV30-80More
21Radish red PigmentE10-90More
22Red Cabbage ColorEV20,40,60More
23Spirulina blue99%More
24Strawberry red pigmentE20More


NutriHerb's fruit and vegetable powder, making efforts for your health. We'll develop fruit powder which can meet different level and request, coordinate to research product application in food and beverage etc fields.Professional in supplying fruit vegetable powder of good quality, NutriHerb is a well-known China fruit vegetable powder manufacturer and supplier. Please feel free to make contact with our factory.

NoProduct NameSpecificationDetails
1Acai Berry PowderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
2Acerola PowderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
3Alfalfa PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
4Almond powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
5Aloe powderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
6Barley Grass PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
7Red Beet Root PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
8Bilberry PowderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
9Blackberry powderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
10Blueberry PowderSpray Drying/Freeze dryingMore
11Broccoli powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
12Cabbage PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
13Carrot PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
14Chlorella powder60% Protein,Food GradeMore
15Cucumber powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
16Ginger powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
17Indigo PowderSpray Drying More
18Jujube powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
19Konjaku PowderSpray Drying More
20Matcha Green Tea Powder300-3000meshMore
21Noni PowderSpray Drying More
22Papaya powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
23Pumpkin powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
24Spinach powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
25Spirulina Powder60% Protein,Food GradeMore
26Strawberry powderSpray Drying More
27Sweet potato powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
28Taro powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
29Wheat Grass PowderAir Drying/Spray Drying More
30Yam powderAir Drying/Spray Drying More


Nanjing NutriHerb BioTech Co.,Ltd is known as The Leader in Quality Assurance for providing dried herbs in the professional healthcare industry. Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products.You can count on NutriHerb to consistently supply the finest quality dried herbs, and provide clinically effective products and formulas to our customers.

NoProduct NameSpecification
1Black PepperDried and chopped
2Caraway SeedDried and chopped
3Celery SeedDried and chopped
4CinnamonDried and chopped
5CloveDried and chopped
6Fennel SeedDried and chopped
7GarlicDried and chopped
8GingerDried and chopped
9Horse RadishDried and chopped
10Lemon GrassDried and chopped