What kinds of people is Ginkgo biloba extract suitable for ?

Ginkgo Biloba Extract has efficacy in promoting the body’s circulation, improving memory, controlling high blood pressure, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, regulating blood sugar and other aspects. So it applies to what kinds of people ?
ginkgo biloba extract-nutriherb
ginkgo biloba extract-nutriherb
1. Poor memory population 
Ginkgo biloba extract has strong efficacy in improving memory and cognitive function. In addition, it also helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease to increase the ability of thinking, learning and recalling.
2. Three high population
Ginkgo biloba extract,which reduces cholesterol, improves microcirculation, inhibits clotting, and thus play a role in prevention and treatment of hypertension. On the other hand, Ginkgo biloba extract will regulate blood sugar and improve insulin resistance, thereby reducing insulin antibodies, enhancing insulin sensitivity, thus achieving the effect of lowering blood glucose.
3. Middle aged and elderly people 
In the elderly due to degradation of various body organs function, it can cause the blood through brain and body not smoothly, that result in dementia and other symptoms. The ginkgo biloba extract can promote blood circulation in brain and body limb, while the upgrade cycle efficiency action has the same effect on the circulatory system of the large blood vessels (arteries) and small blood vessels (capillaries). In addition, it can inhibit platelet activating factor and prevent nerve cell damage, central nervous system blood flow is reduced, thereby adjusting the tension and elasticity of blood vessels.
4. Anti-aging population 
Most people aged and brain function debilitating symptoms appears, it is because the brain and central nervous system are attacked by free radicals, that make the body advance into old age. Ginkgo biloba extract can exert antioxidant effects in the brain, eye retina and cardiovascular system, can further remove the body of excess oxygen free radicals, so as to achieve anti-aging effect.
5. Menopause population 
Ginkgo biloba extract can improve cerebral blood flow and strongly nourish nervous system, which have a good treating effect on anxiety and depression, memory loss, inability to concentrate, decreased alertness, mental decline, dizziness, headache and other symptoms of menopause.

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